The Mechanical Engineering is a discipline of engineering that applies the principles of physical and materials science for analysis, design,manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems. It has 9 Laboratories and a workshop for imparting practical training to the students. These Laboratories and Workshop will help students to undertake project works, design and build machines and equipments. Our department focus on overall development of the students, imparting soft skills through live projects, association activities, industrial visits, seminars, group discussions,etc.,

Dynamics Laboratory:

The Laboratory is furnished with instruments to assess the performance of CAM analysis apparatus, Governors, Gyroscopic couple and critical speed of shaft. The Laboratory is also equipped with Dynamic balancing machine, Measurement of frequency (Damped and Undamped Free and Forced), Determination of moment of Inertia of connecting rod and fly wheel by Oscillation method, different Strain gauges and Dynamometer, Journal bearing apparatus, etc.

Heat Transfer Laboratory:

This Laboratory is equipped with Cooling tower, Heat exchanger, Refrigeration tutor, Air conditioning tutor, various conduction, convection and radiation testing equipments. All the equipment�s are provided with the latest operating system and digital read out.

I.C.Engines Laboratory:

This Laboratory is equipped with various types of Single cylinder, Multi-cylinder Diesel and Petrol engines. All the equipment are provided with digital read outs.

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory:

This Laboratory fulfills the academic needs of the students and is equipped with various types of pumps and turbines like Pelton wheel and Francis turbine and other flow measuring devices.

Manufacturing Technology Laboratory:

Manufacturing Technology Laboratory is equipped with various production machines like Lathes, Drilling machines, Milling machines, Slotting machines, Shaping machines, Capstan and Turret Lathe, Gear hobbing machine, Surface grinding, Cylindrical grinding and other grinding machines. Training on these machines will help student to know about the working of machines and their operation.

Strength of Materials Laboratory:

The students will study the various physical properties of materials and learn to choose and use right type of material in project for their right job. This will also help to check the quality of materials.

Metrology Laboratory:

This Laboratory flaunts of its opulence with, MITUTOYO surface roughness tester, Autocollimator, Electrical and Optical comparators, and Height master, Sine Bar. The equipments include all features necessary for current progression and innovations in the industrial sector.

CAD Laboratory:

It is equipped with 30 Computer systems with latest software like Auto CAD, ANSYS, CATIA, etc., used in designing the various mechanical components and to learn about simulation of the same. Computer Aided Designing is a main part of automation, i.e., CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing). Students are provided with the opportunity to learn were design software, namely like an AUTOCAD

CAM Laboratory:

This Laboratory is equipped with XLTURN and CNC Lathes which helps the students to get training on these sophisticated CNC machines. Students will learn to achieve perfection in production of precision components. The students are exposed to the latest manufacturing trends like CNC lathe, CNC milling with CNC simulators.

Mechatronics Laboratory:

This laboratory is equipped with all Pneumatic & Hydraulic Kits, required for conducting the experiments as per the University syllabus. It is fully equipped with 4 Pneumatics trainer kits and simulation software.

The Pneumatic kits include basic pneumatic kit, electro pneumatic and programmable controlled pneumatics. Fluid & Hydraulic simulation software is also available.

The Laboratory is furnished by equipments from renowned FESTO.

PLC Laboratory:

The advent of PLC in 1970s has been gaining popularity on factory processor for its intelligent single kit programmable controller. Here the students are taught with SIEMENS S7200, Festo, Fanuc and AB PLCs.

Hydraulics & Pneumatics Laboratory:

The industrial automation has been backed by the fluid power. The students are taught with various work places. This Laboratory is equipped with advanced system of FESTO.


There are 6 different units in Workshop, which will enable the students gain practical experience in various trades and workshop practices. An engineer should have not only theoretical exposure but also experience so that he would be in a enviable position as a practicing engineer. The Workshop caters to following trades: Carpentry, Foundry, Fitting, Sheet Metal, Welding.

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