The department has excellent lab facilities with state of art equipment and qualified faculty members.Electrical Engineering focuses on the generation and supply of power, where as electronics engineering is the application of electricity to control systems and signal processing.The department has exclusive computer centre with latest configuration and electrical softwares.It has experienced and dedicated faculty members to cater to the academic activities.


Electrical Machines Laboratory (AC/DC Machines):

The Laboratory is equipped with conventional and latest electrical machinery to meet the requirements of university syllabus and to impart the technological skills in handling any AC/DC Electrical machines

Control Engineering Laboratory:

This Laboratory is well equipped with machinery and instruments to meet the latest trends and cutting edge technologies in control engineering.

Electrical and Electronics Measurements Laboratory:

Accurate measurements of quantities plays a main role in analysis, control and monitoring of engineering assignments. This Laboratory has been designed to meet the precision measurement needs.

Electrical and Electronics Devices and Circuits Laboratory:

The knowledge of devices and circuits is a must for every engineer irrespective of discipline. This Laboratory has all the necessary equipments to achieve technical excellence.

Linear and Digital IC and Microprocessor Lab :

The advent of IC's and microprocessors has changed the world a lot in the past three decades. The LIC and Digital IC and Microprocessor Laboratory has the facilities to test and conduct experiments on IC's and microprocessor

Power Electronics Laboratory:

The control of electric power for various engineering applications plays a major role in technological advancements. The Power Electronics Laboratory is equipped with the latest power electronics kits and circuits to meet the requirement of syllabus and to enhance knowledge base.

For any queries in the field of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Contact:

Prof. R.Nivash, B.E.,M.E.,

Head of the Department

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