The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was established in the year of 2010 with the intake of 60 students. The Department has the state-of-the-art facilities for various laboratories, a well-equipped seminar hall and a departmental library , etc.,

The department of Computer Science and Engineering has a great vision of producing highly intellectual engineers which provides them great opportunities for for a great future.

A group of dedicated and resourceful teachers prepare the students to fit into the modern IT environment. The programmes offered by the department provide solid technical background and real time experience on tools to handle the most demanding aspects of information systems. Excellent infrastructure facilities available in the department and the quality IT education offered have been well appreciated by academicians.

Programmes offered by the Department:



The Department is equipped with 5 diversified laboratories including a dedicated laboratory for the PG students installed with required latest softwares catering to the needs of the students and covering the curriculum specified by the University.

Our Department includes laboratories such as

Data Structures Lab

Object Oriented & Programming Lab

Java Lab

System Software Lab

Computer Networks Lab

Computer Graphics Lab

Internet Laboratory 24x7

Achievements of our Department:

We conducted a workshop in Oracle 10g for three days for all of our students to improve their technical skills.We also focus on programming skills by frequently conducting seminars and conferences. Since lot of new technologies emerges the students must foster their knowledge by formulating new innovative projects. Our staff members support the students in various aspects such as Personality Development,Group Discussion, Code Debugging,Gamings and so on.

For any queries in Computer Science and Engineering feel free to Contact:

Prof. P.Nithya Devi , B.E.,M.E.,

Head of the Department

Mobile :8903603911

e-mail id:

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